Honolulu Night Market

After a successful interview for an internship, I was asked to attend the monthly Honolulu Night Market to interview a performing band. It was located in the side streets of Honolulu where many businesses already stood.

Zach and I arrived at the market and took a bit of the scenery in before meeting with my editor. The market consisted of food, art, music and fashion.

Local artists were selling their paintings, bands were consistently playing, and there was a whole strip of various food trucks.

Honolulu Crepes had a little stand at the entrance. This line was always full as one single man handmade every ordered crepe right in front of the customer’s eyes.

There was a small soccer game, referees and all, going on in the nook of an apartment building.

Artists had their paintings up on display. I was checking out each one to find the perfect art that could benefit from the ad space I am selling for Revue magazine.

And two talented little boys, maybe 8 and 10, were singing cover music on stage.

Finally, my interview came. The White Jacket is a local band that was started by two men who came over from Ohio. Now, the six member band performs multiple nights a week locally. They perform monthly at Rivals, along with a few interchangeable bands. Interviewing the band was pretty fun. They are a cool group of people and were very excited to be featured in the magazine.

An event like this is something that I would love to attend more. It helps me learn the local places and mom and pop shops. I can really get a feel of the Oahu culture and have the change to compare so much at once.


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