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HO’OLAUNA : introduce


This weekend, I attended a multi-band concert held by the local magazine Cherry Pop Revue. I was invited to this event as a prospective intern in order to meet the other workers and interns as well as the Editor in Chief.

Cherry Pop Revue covers local up and coming artists, including music, art, dance and stand-up comedy.

Revue July edition

The internship seems to focus on journalism, but I am looking toward the sales, marketing, and public relations aspects.

The concert consisted of mainly rock bands- include the Chaotic Five, a band I was most interested in. This band was featured in the magazine as the youngest band in Hawaii.

>>>>>>Chaotic Five Concert Video. <<<<<<<

It was cool to see preteens fulfill their dream and perform as a rock band.

I liked seeing a diverse work environment. I think the environment is what I liked most about this possible internship. The requirements are to attend an event once a week and the rest is from home. The events advertised by Cherry Pop Revue range anywhere from pole dancer performances, comedy shows and concerts- any day of the night.

I would like to get out and see Hawaii in this way, familiarize myself with the area. While writing for the Spinnaker at UNF, I realized how much I learned about the campus by reporting happenings on it.

Another aspect in this magazine is the social media. This organization is very active on Facebook. I have yet to find its Instagram but I feel like expending the social media content could be a fun challenge.

My interview with the Editor in Chief is Thursday at 1 pm. We will be discussing opportunities in the magazine to see if it is the right place for me and if I am the right person for them.


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