Hike on Olomana Three Peaks: The First “Peek”

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This impromptu hiking trip was on the Olomana Three Peaks Trail. This is called the Three Peaks because the entire trail consists of three mountain tops. This time, the group consisted of Zach, myself and his friend Tim.

I considered this trip a peek to the peaks because we only went to the top of the first peak and back. This was a very challenging hike, consisting of many vertical rock climbing portions.

Unlike the hike on Judd Trail (being muddy), this hike was very dry. The majority of the ground was sand, clay and rock.

Like any hike, it began with walking.

Image 7

Early on in the hike, we ran into a local who was eating a fruit we saw on a tree. He told us it was a strawberry guava. I picked a few and gave it a try. These are juicy but extremely sour. The inside had many seeds that are not chewable. Throughout the trip, I ate many strawberry guavas and became accustom to the tart taste. I learned that it was best to break the thick skin, suck on the center, then spit it out.

Image 13

About half way through, the hike was mail rock walls with conveniently tied ropes left behind by a hiker from long ago. When it got challenging at this point, it was useful to have Tim lead the way, showing me the options for foot and hand placement, and Zach follow behind, guiding me to foot ledges I could not see from above.

Image 8 Image 10

According to Zach’s hiking app, we ascended 1,500 ft from our start point. This was the top of the first peak.

From here, we could overlook the city, and see the second and third peaks, which we will save for another day.

Image 12

Image 6

After embracing our accomplishment for the day, we started back down. Going down seemed to pose a greater challenge than getting up, however seemed much faster. By this time, my legs were wobbly from all of the “stairs” it felt like I had climbed that day.

With enough preparation and regular hikes, making it to all three peaks will be easier than it seems.

Image 9


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