The Beach’s First Impression & The Kona Pub




KIA’I OLA : lifeguard

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 12.14.17 AM

Growing up on the Florida coast, the beach is no stranger to me. I am used to the white, soft sand and the warm, crystal blue water.

I was very excited to see the beach for the first time out here. I was told is was not like what I am used to.

Driving to our destination proved that right. I was able to look down and see white cap crashed onto the rocks, little nooks where people can rest in calm waters, and hikers kayaking out to climb the steep hills of the small islands.

Image 4

The water was very cool. Although I am not one for cold water, it was refreshing if anything.


This day, we went to an original Kona Brewing Company Restaurant where they serve 24 Kona beers on draft. Although pricey, the food was great (the server wasn’t much for a welcoming attitude).

Image 5

All in all, I enjoyed the environment of the restaurant and will keep it as a great place to bring visitors.


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